Seditious Joy (blog): How to Celebrate the Higgs Boson Announcement!

Posted on March 15, 2013
From my personal blog, Seditious Joy, where I write about various interests which include crafting, geek/nerd subjects, current events and some of my adventures in fiction:

How to Celebrate the Higgs Boson Announcement!

Party Planning Tips for the Physics Geek

So, in the category of we’ve-all-been-waiting-for-it news, the Higgs boson Particle was just found! (ok, they sort of found it last July, but they CONFIRMED it today, so that’s the worthier part!)

This is a big deal physics-wise, and as Michio Kaku says in this interview, “Champagne bottles are popping in laboratories around the world” in celebration of the news. If you want to party too now that the God Particle has arrived, here are some tips on food, drink and tunes for your upcoming physics hoe-down.

Food & Drink Thematic snack and drinks are a must! Get creative with snacks that celebrate the atomic, the exploding, and the art of smashing. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Did you know the Smash is a cocktail that already exists? And clearly the perfect choice for a party celebrating the work of an atom-smasher.  This super-simple whiskey drink has a splash of citrus and mint, make it a little more atomic with a garnish of your favorite leafy herb or variety of mint.
  • Smash Snacks like these can include all sorts of party mix favorites from chocolate chips to pretzels.
  • These Atomic Hash Browns are likely to be a big hit, but be warned, they can bring the heat! Cut back on the Cayenne if you are looking for a milder alternative.
  • Exploding Chocolate might be a bit adventurous, but if you love crisp rice in your chocolate and want that extra pop-rock zing, give this recipe a try to wow your guests!

Music There are lots of great options when it comes to thematic tunes to enjoy, but here are some of my favorites:

  • Symphony of Science – When I have a rough day and need to remember the majestic beauty of the universe instead of the grueling drudgery of subway delays and gross weather, this is what I put on. All the joy and wonder of some of the most inspirational scientists of our times, beautifully auto-tuned tracks. A recipe for goosebumps, seriously.
  • The Planets, Gustav Holst – Classical works of music based on the features of the 9 (yes I said 9) planets. If these aren’t already in your library, check them out. You’ll feel awesome on a planetary scale.
  • The Invisible World – This weekly (Wed. nights at 11) radio show has news and interviews on up-to-the-minute science and paranormal events. It’s also one of the most entertaining news sources around – and if you want to catch up, all the previous episodes are available for download!

What are you planning to celebrate the big discovery? Share your ideas in the comments section so all our parties will rock!